List of Localities in Indore

  • Rau Pithampur Road
  • Manglia
  • AB Road
  • Piplyahana
  • Mayakhedi
  • AB Bypass Road
  • Indore Bypass Road
  • Manik Bagh Road
  • Mahalaxmi Nagar
  • Vijay Nagar
  • Veer Sawarkar Nagar
  • Alok Nagar
  • Manbhavan Nagar
  • Vandana Nagar
  • Tilak Nagar
  • Telephone Nagar
  • Race Course Road
  • Ring Road
  • Shri Nagar Extension
  • Khandwa Road
  • Niranjanpur
  • Old Palasia
  • MOG Lines
  • Anoop Nagar
  • Kalindi Midtown
  • MR-10
  • Greater Brijeshwari Annexe
  • Rangwasa
  • Khajrana
  • Vaibhav Nagar
  • Rajwada
  • New Palasia
  • Vishnupuri Colony
  • Nihalpur Mandi
  • Agra-Bombay Bypass
  • Nipania
  • Sai Kripa Colony
  • Bengali Square
  • White Church Colony
  • MG Road
  • MR-11
  • Sula Khedi
  • Kalindi Kunj
  • Sarvsampanna Nagar
  • Bicholi Road
  • Manoraman Ganj
  • Rala mandal
  • Nainod
  • Mhow
  • Manishpuri
  • Sukliya
  • Joshi Guradiya
  • Shivnagar
  • Simrol
  • Super Corridor
  • Palakhedi
  • Bhicholi Mardana
  • Sneh Lata Ganj
  • Lokmanya Nagar
  • Hatod
  • Sarv Suvidha Nagar
  • South Tukoganj
  • Girdhar Nagar
  • Scheme No 54
  • Rajendra Nagar
  • Ujjain Road
  • Shivmoti Nagar
  • Krishi Mandi
  • Talawali Chanda
  • Rau-Dewas Bypass
  • Nagda
  • Maksi
  • Sarangpur
  • Pachore
  • Pardesi Pura
  • Datoda
  • Scheme 94
  • Jhalaria
  • Scheme 140
  • Panchderiya
  • Pipliya Kumar
  • DDU Nagar
  • Geeta Nagar
  • Shivaji Nagar
  • Vidur Nagar
  • Tulsi Nager
  • Indra Puri Colony
  • Nagar Nigam
  • Murai Mohalla
  • Azad Nagar
  • Tejpur Gadbadi
  • Dwarkapuri
  • Raj Mohalla
  • Dewas Naka
  • Goyal Vihar
  • Sadar Bazar
  • Dhar Road
  • Goyal Nagar
  • Gandhi Nagar
  • Jawahar Marg
  • Kalani Nagar
  • Smruti Nagar
  • Mari Mata Square
  • Scheme No 51
  • Limbodi
  • Vallabh Nagar
  • Bijalpur
  • Sudama Nagar
  • Silicon City
  • L I G Colony
  • Navlakha
  • Paraspar Nagar
  • Gumasta Nagar
  • Vaishali Nagar
  • Patni Pura
  • Anurag Nagar
  • Sanwer
  • Brijeshwari Annexe
  • Nanda Nagar
  • Musakhedi
  • Industrial Estate
  • Pithampur
  • Malhar Ganj
  • Lasudia Mori
  • Scheme No 71
  • Triveni Colony
  • Sanchar Nagar Main
  • Surya Dev Nagar
  • Rau
  • Bulandshahr
  • Palsikar Colony
  • Shri Ram Talawali
  • Subhash Nagar
  • Chhatribagh
  • New Rani Bagh
  • Ravi Shankar Shukla Nagar
  • Sangam Nagar
  • Depalpur
  • Silver Park Colony
  • Scheme No 114
  • Palda
  • Rambag
  • Jabran Colony
  • Chhoti Gwaltoli
  • Scheme No 103
  • Bhawrasla
  • Scheme No 134
  • Kamla Nagar
  • Bada Bangarda
  • Noorani Nagar
  • Krishnodaya Nagar
  • Anand Nagar
  • Chhavni
  • Dudhia
  • Sanvid Nagar
  • Hasalpur
  • Kordia Barda
  • Banganga
  • Pigdambar
  • Shramik Colony
  • Ambedkar Nagar
  • Kanadia road
  • Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holker Cloth Market
  • Barfani
  • Shri Ram Nagar
  • Lalaram Nagar
  • Rajmahal Colony
  • Gadi Adda
  • Indira Gandhi Nagar
  • Mirjapur
  • Paliya Haidar
  • Manavta Nagar
  • Harnya Khedi
  • Vindhyanchal Nagar
  • Morod
  • Panchvati Colony
  • Chhatrapati Nagar
  • Agrasen Nagar
  • Hathipala
  • Shripuram
  • Sapna Sangita Road
  • Shivampuri colony
  • Devguradia
  • Deoguradia
  • Bhatkhedi
  • Tirupati Nagar

About Indore

Regarded as the commercial capital of the state, this 15th century riverside village has come a long way. From commerce, finance, media, art, research, technology, and education, Indore has aggressively exerted its significance in Madhya Pradesh.

Over the years, Indore has established itself as a strong industrial base, with the help of its satellite townships, Pithampur and Dewas. Many privatization initiatives like the country's first toll road and private telephone network (Airtel) has seen Indore at the forefront of liberalization. With well-developed infrastructure, transport facilities, and cheap labor, the city is also regarded as the educational capital of central India. It is the only city in India that has an IIT as well as an IIM, ensuring a regular inflow of skilled professionals.

Prosperity has been kind to this city, as it nests upon rich black soil, making Indore the fourth largest cotton textile industry in India. Indore is also home to the Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange. Apart from having the reputation of being a financial, industrial, and textile hub, Indore is also an excellent tourist district. It's neighbour, Mandu, a city of palaces and lakes, is a hot-spot for tourists.

With a booming financial, trading, and industrial sector, Indore defines its own blend of history and rapid future modernization. It is this blend that has made Indore's real estate market, the most expensive in the state.

Stats And Facts

  • The population of Indore, as per the provisional reports of the census 2011, is 2,167,447.
  • The city's sex ratio is above the national average, at 928 per 1000 males. Although, the child sex ratio is still below the national average - 901 girls per 1000 boys.
  • The average literacy rate of Indore saw a significant jump in 2011 with 80.87% compared to 75.15% of 2001.
  • Ethnically diverse, the Indore metropolitan area contains the highest total Marathi population of any M.P. city. It is also home to the large Jain community outside Gujarat and Rajasthan. Hindi linguistic sub-groups contribute majorly to the population in the city followed by Marathi, Punjabis, Sindhis, Gujaratis and others.
  • Indore is ranked as the home to the highest number of billionaires in the state.
  • Indore has the highest percentage of constant foreign migrants among Indian cities.

Indore – Striving Industrial Sector

  • Cotton textiles are the city's major product. However, with its decline over the years, iron and steel, chemicals, and machinery have been the forerunners for the manufacturing sector.
  • Indore has one of the largest transshipment centers for truck transport that plays a huge advantage in inter-city industrial trade.
  • Apart from the textile industry, Indore has industries in oil seed extraction, confectionery, paper and straw board, factories for asbestos products, RCC pipes and poles, machine tools and accessories, electrical machinery and appliances, electronics goods, bicycles and ready-made garments etc.
  • Well known industrial houses have opened factories and plants in Indore like Hindustan Motors, Kinetic Honda, Prestige Group, Cipla, Onida Saka. These are just few of the many flourishing companies present in the Indore industrial complex.
  • Pune-based Indian multinational, Bharat Forge Limited envision to increase their initial investment of 150 crore on 68 acres of land to 1000 crore by 2016.


  • The Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport serves Indore, about 8 km from the city. It is the busiest airport in the Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, and serves as the nerve centre for international cargo. The airport has operating services back and forth from Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Kolkata.
  • The Indore Junction is an A-1 grade railway station with revenue of more than Rs. 50 crore. Indore is directly connected by rail to the majority of metro cities in India. In the Railway budget of 2009, Indore's main railway station was listed for a major upgrade.
  • The national highway NH-3 (Bombay-Agra Road) and NH59 (Indore-Ahmedabad Road) passes through Indore and there are daily bus services from Indore to Mumbai, Jaipur, Gwalior, Bhopal, and so on.
  • Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd, a PPP scheme, operates buses and radio taxis in the city. The buses, designated as City Bus, operate on 36 Routes, with around 170 bus stop stations. The Indore BRTS is a bus rapid transit system under construction, as of 2012, where the BRTS will have its designated lane network to ease traffic congestion on the busy roads of Indore.

Indore Civic Administration

  • The Indore Development Authority (IDA) administers Indore and most of the surrounding areas. The IDA works as a vertex for planning and coordination of development activities in the Indore Metropolitan Region (IMR).
  • The IDA consists of two appointed components; the collector of district, who has executive powers, and the IDA Board.
  • Indore City is a metropolitan municipality, overseen by a mayor-council form of government.
  • The Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is responsible for public education, correctional institutions, libraries, public safety, recreational facilities, sanitation, water supply, local planning, and welfare services.
  • For administrative convenience, the city is divided into 12 zones that have been further divided into 69 wards.

Indore Infrastructure

Indore allocates its industries with obligatory civic and industrial infrastructure. Solely because of the infrastructure at Indore, the Industrial growth in this region has been unprecedented, leading international companies to set up their industries here. Companies like Dilip Builders, SEW Constructions, Som Projects, Prakash Asphalting, Emerald Industries, PNC Constructions, Chetak Enterprises, Shree Construction are vigorously involved in building airports, dams, highways, and city roads.

Infrastructure Projects

Name of the Project

Impact Areas

Expected Completion Date


Bhopal - Indore AC Double Decker Express

Bhopal and Indore

Under construction

Upcoming superfast AC train service, connecting Bhopal to Indore covering 224 kilometers

Four-Laning of Shivpur-Dewas

235 to 556 km stretch from Shivpur to Dewas

Under construction

Widening and strengthening of the two-lane highway to a four-lane

Omaxe City


Under construction

Integrated township spread across 89 acre comprising of plots, independent floors and villas

Indus Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd



Spans an area of 100 acres, equidistant from key consumption markets and ports on the west coast

Indore Real Estate Market

  • As Indore is one of the most rapidly developing urban centers of Central India, it has attracted a myriad of public and private players to invest in the real estate market.
  • Ansal, Parswanath, Omax, Shalimar, India Bulls, Silver, are some of the major Real Estate Players in the city.
  • There are about 18-20 integrated townships currently under-development in Indore.
  • DLF has announced an investment of 8000 crore in real estate and infrastructure projects in Indore and Madhya Pradesh in the next five years furthering Indore's real estate gains.
  • According to the experts, investment in the residential and commercial properties of Indore in this particular time is sure to reach its apex in terms of returns on the investments put forward.

Key Localities In Indore


Per Sq. Ft. Price – Q3 2013

Rent Per Month For A 2 BHK Apartment in Indore(approx.)

(Figures in 1000 rupees)

A B Road




Bengali Square




Mahalakshmi Nagar








Vijay Nagar




Charges By Different Government Bodies

Stamp Duty for Rural and Urban Areas: 5%

Registration Fee: 0.8%

Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Ltd.

The Madhya Pradesh Paschim Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited and the Government of Madhya Pradesh under the Companies Act, 1956 undertake activities of distribution and retail supply for and on behalf of the Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board.

Electricity Charges

Consumers having sanctioned load not more than 100 watts (0.1 kW) and consumption not more than 30 units per month

(a) Energy Charge and Fixed Charge – For metered connection

Monthly Consumption (units)

Energy Charge (paise per unit) Urban/ Rural areas

Monthly Fixed Charge


Up to 30 units



(b) Minimum Charges: Rs. 40 per connection per month as minimum charges is applicable to this category of consumers.

Monthly Consumption

Slab (units)

Energy Charge with telescopic benefit (paise per unit) Urban/Rural areas

Monthly Fixed Charge



Urban areas

Rural reas

Up to 50 units


40 per


25 per


51 to 100 units


65 per


40 per


Indore Municipal Corporation

Indore Municipal Corporation was established in 1818 and in 1906 established a new water supply system from the Bilaoli water body. Today, it supplies water to the entire region of Indore.

Water Tariff

Commercial connection: Rs. 14 per kl

Industrial connection: Rs. 24 per kl

Domestic connection: 11 per kl


Indore-Pac is a novel initiative towards the development of Indore by strengthening citizen participation in its governance. To fight the stem of ad-hoc development, Indore-PAC looks towards making a successful model of how the citizens can interact with government and elected representatives at a grass root level. Many of its activities include drinking water quality testing, cleanliness drive, voter survey and voter awareness drive.

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